About Us

NanoScience and Nanotechnology is a professional Science & engineering discipline that deals with the matter at a billionth of a meter level.

The importance of Nano Science has been of significant value in revcent times &  Nano Science Research & Developmental Consortium ( NSRDC ) has been formed under the aegis of Consortium eLearning Network Pvt. Ltd with a mission & vision to harness the potential of Nano Science domain by bringing all the stake holders together at one unified platform using a consortium approach.

Nano Science Research & Developmental Consortium ( NSRDC ) acts as a unified platform for academicians , researchers, professionals, students, industry, organizations, trade associations and knowledge seekers in the domain of Nanotechnology, as in current and modern society the use and role of relevant and progressive Nano Science is the key for better living as modernization has taken its toll on most of the resources.

NSRDC seek to associate and collaborate with all knowledge seekers and stake holders to unite at NSRDC platform and mutually share/ exchange ideas, views, experiences, news, updates and developments freely using Nano Science Research & Developmental Consortium ( NSRDC ) platform.