Nanotechnology: A Boon for Textile Industry

The textile industry is taking a closer look at the ability of nanotechnologies to innovate, add value and create new products. Current applications range from enhanced properties such as stain resistance to the integration of textile technologies with sensors and electronics to create major new market opportunities. The textile industry is looking for nanotechnologies use in

  • Material treatments
  • Coatings for high-functional textiles, self-cleaning textiles and antimicrobial textiles
  • Enabling wearable electronics
  • Military applications
  • Biomimetic materials

‘Eco-Fibre’ Made From all-Natural Bamboo

Greenyarn, an American firm has developed a deodorizing fabric made from bamboo. The company has named it Eco-fabric, and is supplied to the Asian and American fabric and garment markets.

The active ingredients of Eco-fabric are nano-particles of bamboo charcoal, made from the Moso Bamboo the world’s most porous bamboo. The bamboo contains many pores in its structure, making it excellent for absorbing odor-causing chemicals, controlling temperature, and voiding moisture – makng it a good fabric for footwear or undergarments. The bamboo is also naturally biocidal, and inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi.

Coolest Comfort Treatment

A new extension of the Coolest Comfort family of enhancements now brings this new extension that is specifically optimized for cotton garments that are coated with resins which block moisture absorption. The enhancement keeps consumers dry and comfortable by pulling moisture away from the body as fast as non-treated cotton and at least ten times faster than most wrinkle-free cotton fabrics available today.

Medical Fabrics

Fabrics that are anti-microbial and used in hospital wear like operation theatre clothes. Silver oxide spray technology provides the anti-microbial property to such fabrics. Using sensors controlled property textiles with electronic sensors in the fibers are one of the most important aspects of this nanotechnology application. Nanotechnology provides water absorbent clothes and they are used in diapers and other innerwear for patients

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